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July 07, 2011


Grayson Morris

I stopped working after my second child was born, and that was hard. I'd been an assembly-language programmer on a parallel DSP architecture at a startup, engaged in really fun, deep-in-the-guts techy work including brainstorming with colleagues on all kinds of aspects of the processor we were designing. Then I was this woman at home with the laundry, leaking milk everywhere, trying to form coherent thoughts that would lead to dinner. It was horrible when I met someone new, and they asked, "So what do you do?" I was in an identity crisis, as if leaving the work force meant I suddenly WASN'T the smart, techy girl I'd always been, as if that had been a lie or a facade and now the real, mundane, boring me had shown up to take over.

I eventually made peace with that, fortunately. But it was quite a shock.

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