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March 10, 2011



I grok your geek. ;-)

Susan  Price

Scifi conventions are great for finding other people with scifi/fantasy geekiness [and usually a strong spillover into techhie and/or medieval or other historic recreation geekdom]. And scifi cons are well known for discriminating not between genders of geekdom. Karen, you gotta try CONvergence some year. Yeah, I know there are closer cons than the Twin Cities, but that's a great one.

As for other areas of geekiness, I feel that letting mine show serves to embolden others to let their geekiness loose a bit. After all, our enthusiasm are what make us interesting!

Amy Haich

I agree that "there would be almost a unanimous vote to put Twihards and Sex and the City fans on the bottom", but I don't think it is because of romance. To me genuine geek pursuits have an underlining intellectual interest to them (Scifi = science, Legos = engineering, books = literature, breastfeeding = human health/biology). This is lacking in these bottom of the heap geek interest. Unless you make a stretch and tie them to mythology and cultural studies.

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