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January 23, 2011


Melanie Crouse

I don't know, but would love to find out, whether Shelfari or Goodreads is better as a widget. Most of the book blogs I go to use shelfari. For some reason, I find goodreads cumbersome, and I've never tried it on my blog for that reason, but it's the place I've connected to a lot of friends on, so I've never tried shelfari either.

Thank you for the YA sci-fi ideas. I've been searching for some more good ones, and they are very rare.

Karen Smith

I'll have to look at Goodreads again and see if it makes any sense. Or I can just write up my reviews in blog format and go with that... ;)

You're welcome on the SF. Shipbreaker is FANTASTIC. I've pulled another one down called Across the Universe, about a generations ship and a girl being woken ahead of schedule (a lot of my SF takes place on ships or space stations, so I'm trying to find all I can.) Would love more recommendations from anyone else reading the blog.

And of course it bears mentioning that *I* write Science Fiction for YAs, and my short story Apples on the Moon is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords...(Links in "Available Stories" under my profile pic on the right.) Just a little story pimpage there for your reading enjoyment. ;)

Melanie Crouse

I just added a goodreads widget to my blog, and it is really ugly compared to the shelfari one. I'm wondering if it would be too cumbersome to stay on goodreads but have a shelfari widget.

I just started The Lost Gate by OSC. I'm only on chapter 1, but so far, it's awesome. Of course, it's fantasy, not sci-fi. Darn...I'll keep thinking.

Karen Smith

That puts Lost Gate solidly in the "Read" pile for me, as you're not the first that has mentioned his two recent books. It's been ages since I've read OSC and I've never read his fantasy books.

I'll check out your goodreads widget, too, and see if i hate it. The issue I had was I couldn't find this shelfari widget on wordpress, though I looked for it at least 3-4 months ago, maybe longer. Maybe they've written one since.

Meanwhile, Highly highly highly recommend Shipbreaker. It's not a positive upbeat story exactly, but the slang and the terminology, the way of dribbling the backstory out in bits and pieces, and of course the pluck and general interest of the main character are all fantastic. Still sitting with me days later in my mind.


I love that I can come to your blog for and find book I know my children and I will love! Thanks Karen!!

Melanie Crouse

Just finished Shipbreaker. What an amazing book. It reminds me of something Orson Scott Card might write. Thanks for the recommend. And my daughter started I Am Number Four this morning and didn't put it down until she was done. I'm next.

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