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January 11, 2011



It makes me feel better not because I would never let clutter take over, but that I am not the only one. I laughed about the donkey's cold hiney. Poor donkey.

Somewhere I still have a notepad from when my oldest was born on which I documented EVERY NURSING SESSION. Yes. I wrote down how many minutes on each side and how long it took for the milk to come down. I was a little worried about how short his nursing sessions were. Now I want to keep it forever. :)


Oh wait, that's every nursing session for the first six weeks or so, not the whole time he nursed! That would have been really crazypants.

Karen Smith

There were so many gems in the kids' baby things that I actually went out, with BOTH of the little darlings (something I avidly avoid in the winter because of the slop and the fact that it's a pain to shop with them both due to whining and begging) to Target to obtain bins for each of them so I could put all the ticket stubs and the little sheets from the daycare that showed when the pooped and things, all the hair clippings, the birthday cards received, the "congratulations on your birth" balloon, the copy of the newspaper on the day they were born, etc. And, incidentally, get that crap out of the kitchen! ;)


I am laughing because my recipe desk looked just like this until the other day when I dropped a pencil sharpener on my desk and the cuttings exploded all over my laptop (since of course I keep it there amongst all the mess). It is impossible to keep up!!!! I had a hard time before the kids came around.

I recently just blogged about the difference in documentation from when I was in high school to today - check it out: http://fancywithnancy.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-scrapbooking-journey.html

You better post "after" pictures!


OMG. I am in the process of de-cluttering. We are remodeling our basement and all the "stuff" had to come out. It is now in one half of the garage. We even got a Tuff Shed this past summer to help de-clutter from the basement. Good Luck. Go to the OWN network and watch a Peter Walsh episode ASAP. That will inspire you.

Karen Smith

Thanks everyone! I just took after pictures, though then I read an article about using a little grosgrain ribbon to put a finish on the edges of shelves and it got me thinking... ;)

I'll post them soon!

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