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December 01, 2010



Wow, when you write it all down like this, arn't you amazed at how many hats you wear? And are still (somewhat) sane and standing?! Good for you in all your glorious busy-ness. Looking forward to reading about a more 'Balanced' 2011, maybe you could teach me a thing or two...


Karen, YOU are an amazing woman and an excellent juggler and your time is spoken for in many ways yet you prioritize and make it all happen - all the matters most from the sound of it. I do the "unofficially officially involved" thing too. Reading your summary of 2010 reminded me of my own 2010 moments I'd forgotten like the school auction in the spring and being co=president of our parent teacher group - "unofficially" of course since it's a Start Up and we didn't elect or nominate anyone but two of us have showed up to do the work consistently. I like your phrase, "People Before Things". I've always thought of it as The Good Kind of Busy. The kind that matters more than helping a wealthy company get wealthier while squashing the Little People. I gave that up for painting abstract watercolors with a classroom of 5th graders and coloring with crayons as a volunteer art teacher in my children's classrooms. I feel like I chose well.

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