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December 05, 2010



What a beautiful tribute to a well loved pet, Karen. We had to make the same decision for our smokey gray kitty with big green eyes, Ashley, in June of 2006. It was so hard after 14 years of love form kittenhood, through apartments, both our houses and the birth of our sons. But it felt like the right thing for her and that was what mattered most. She had a double coat too with similar issues at the end. I never knew there was a name for her type of fur.


Im very glad you got to say your goodbyes and appreciate her in her last days.
I lost my bestest (canine) friend when I was on the other side of the country and it really really upset me to be so far away.
When they go slowly it gives you time to prepare, and like you say, I really think they know when youre ready to let them go. And theyre always ready long before we are.
I lost Conni almost 3 years ago but blogged about it for the first time this year. Im fairly sure I havent let her go yet.
A lovely tribute, I feel your loss. x

Karen Smith

Thanks Janean and Kaye. It was good to be able to say goodbye, but oh man I wish I could hand off the final parting, as I was a basket case. I thought I would be the stoic one, because I knew what had to be done, and I had been doing all the medical care, vet appointments, and daily monitoring of her for so long. But in the end, once I made that last appointment I was a wreck.

As it turns out, I'm glad I went during the day while the kids were in school, not because I think they would have been too sad, but because it let me be free to really really grieve, really let go in a big, dramatic, wailing kind of way. I'm not sure my kids need to see me like that, and I'm not sure I could have given in to the sadness like that if I were trying to hold it together for them, so it worked out for the best even while it was awful and sad and I hate it.

As much as I might have liked her to hold out one more day to the weekend so my husband could take her in, I think perhaps I let go best this way, as wrenching as it was.

I'm so sorry for both of your losses. It seems to me that once you start sharing about pet losses, everyone has a special pet story to share.

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