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November 18, 2010



I found your review after Googling "Hermione obliviating" to make sure I was spelling it correctly (for another message post on LiveJournal). I enjoyed your review and am glad to read that I was not the only one crying (or at least tearing up) at all those points. I did not reread the book before seeing this movie, so I did not have all of the plot points fresh in my mind. But, I went into it thinking that Part 2 would be the one with all the deaths, and so all the tears from me. But, the early scene with Hermione obliviating her parents was just so, so sad. I thought the film-makers did a good job of showing, in a bunch of small scenes, how alone and on their own Harry, Hermione, & Ron were going to be. I enjoyed the movie greatly, but I think I'll need to watch it again before I can intelligently discuss all the reasons why.
Thanks for your review,

Karen Smith

I know what you mean, Laurel. I definitely have to see it again (though I think i"ll wait for a weekday in December when I can go without crowds. I'm not a crowd person!) It was so great, but yes, that early scene *made* the movie, and gave Emma Watson a chance to show her acting chops, she is really stunning. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! Hope you stick around a bit! :)

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