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September 15, 2010



I'm right there with you. Every time I tell my husband I want an iPad he laughs at me. The local middle school got iPads for all of the students and teachers there, so my two good friends who work there each got one. I am so jealous! Maybe Christmas...


Nah, no iPad for me too.
I'm looking at Samsung Galaxy Tab and ilk instead. ;-}


Maybe I'll sit on your lovely chaise while I use *my* ipad. I'd offer to share, but there are apparently either 6 or 7 people you rank above me. So go ask one of them. And, oh yea, bite me.

Karen Smith

You see what I have to deal with, people? They not only HAVE iPads, they MOCK me with them. Shocking, really, that I still consider myself related to these heathens.

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