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August 26, 2010



Awwwwwww!!! Look at that little squishy baby and me! That seems SO SO long ago and far away. Did I ever share a picture with you of me cross carrying the twins in 2 matching Maya Wraps? If not, let me know and I'll see if I can dig it up off of the external drive.


Karen, My oldest is 10 and I used a front pack and back pack. When my youngest (now 7) was nearly 1 I bought a Maya Wrap Pouch (short lived product line in 2004) for myself for Mother's Day that year. I loved it and my son did too. I used it until he was a big toddler and it was too hard to get him in and out of the pouch. I bought a chambray colored one. When My sister was pregnant with her second son in 2008 my gift to her was a Maya Wrap sling. I said in hindsight I wished I'd bought the rainbow colored one - so she agreed to the vivid rainbow one as a gift. Since then we've both given more rainbow slings as gifts to our friends. Best invention ever for mama and baby/toddler.

Karen Smith

Renee - thanks for sending the pics, they are AWESOME! I was particularly impressed with the two slings with the twins, and the phone clipped to the outside of one sling with a headset on your head. So incredible. Do you even remember those days anymore? :)

Janean - I got my Maya when my oldest (9 in moments!) was 9 months old. I slung him the whole way through his sister's pregnancy, just easier to manage a squirmy toddler in a sling than in a stroller or bending down while greatly pregnant to hold his hand. Then I used it all through my youngest (6.5)'s babyhood. I had the chambray blue one, and my husband would wear the kids from time to time. I recently loaned it to my sister who is a Doggy Mama, because one of her pups was hurt and needed to be carried, funny eh? Slings are useful for ALL kinds of things!

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