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August 06, 2010



OMG! This is soooooo beautiful!
I love it!


absolutely beautiful!

jen smith

Karen this brings tears to my eyes. I wonder what would be different if all parents thought this way...

Karen Smith

Re: [Suburban (in)Sanity] jen smith submitted a comment to A love note to my daughter - about enough

Thanks everyone. I told John tonight (DH) that I had originally written this on a night when I hadnt felt like I had done enough, listened enough, been present in the moment enough. We do all have days like that, but they seem magnified against my daughters brilliant and intense light. So I hope for enough for her, and that she can make her way in the world. And that should be enough.


Hey Karen. That really moved me- it's exactly the way I feel about Jen. She expects so much of herself and others. I have the same wishes for me and her! Beautiful.

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