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July 25, 2010


jen smith


Tara Scalzo

Great post! Honey, that angst is not hard to explain at all! After reading this blog, I'm convinced we a long lost soul sisters. I'm also your friendly neighborhood suburban mom who use to cherish the excitement of the city. I have a blog as well and have writting about this very subject, as well other mommy topics I'm sure we could laugh about together. Over a bottle of wine, of course :)

Karen T. Smith

Thanks you guys, and thanks to my fb friends' comments, too. It's such a physical sensation, when we first see the city as we round the Lake Shore Drive bend (the friends who watch the kids for our anniversary live in Evanston, which is where DH and I met.) I tease him that he doesn't have this pull because he still has the high-powered career and business travel.

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