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July 13, 2010


Melanie Crouse

Hi Karen! This is Melanie, and I read your blog, though I must admit that I skip the breastfeeding sections. That painful era of my life is thankfully behind me now. But don't stop what you're doing for me. It looks like useful info for most people.

I'd love more book reviews, since you and I seem to like the same sort of thing. Even the books on your Shelfari list are tempting me to ask questions, but I'll refrain.


Two things:

1. To make ™, do option + 2. It makes ordinary things So Much Fun™.

2. I read because I love you. I like the stories about the kids as well as your musings on motherhood/womanhood/selfhood.

Jen Unger Kroc

Hi! :)

Write anything you like. I just like hearing what's up with you, and I like your thoughts and perspectives on whatever random thing hits your brain on any given day. I don't read every post, but I get over here enough (usually linking from fb) that I can see what's up. I miss seeing you on a regular basis, so this helps me still feel in touch, in that not-really-but-better-than-nothing way!


Hi Karen, I'm Angie and I just found you through a friend. Love your writing style and I always enjoy other moms' perspectives and viewpoints. Looking forward to following you. Check out my blog -- http://www.eclecticcatladyland.blogspot.com/.


Karen T. Smith

Thanks, Jen, Shelly, Melanie, and Angie! Shelly, your google skills continue to amaze me. Melanie...be careful what you ask for! Jen, thanks, you've always been such a source of support for me, I'm grateful for your friendship.

And Angie - welcome! Love your blog - love Morrissey, too. Had no idea he was into cats. Makes him all the more dreamy. ;)

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