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July 28, 2010



Awww shucks, so many gooey things, can't pick just one. Pretty sure Dick's jeans and polo were better than the jeans and tuxedo shirt he pulled on at one wedding (Jenny's?). Thanks for the mini shout out in photo format for us, though I never thought my engagement picture looked dated until *right* *now*. Thanks for that. And for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure the airplane from Canada to France crashed right before your wedding too...I remember that somehow being tied to the headline on that day's Tribune. So it wasn't all heat related news. There was other kinds of death and destruction.

In other random thoughts, now this totally makes me want to go digging through my wedding album...the only pics I see regularly are the one in Mom and Dad's album when I make sure that ours is stacked on top of the pile (which clearly, you check too since someone moves them around).

Karen T. Smith

Yeah, that airplane business meant we had to wait in two extra lines to check into our cross-the-water flight, which then resulted in a dead run to make it. Ugh! But that was ON our wedding day, rather than a year before (when all the people died) so...there's that. The Olympic bomber (Atlanta) was also 2 weeks before, as I recall. Lovely summer we picked to get hitched!

Your now able to drive highscool niece Katie

Aw Aunt Karen I love that picture of us with your friend! That is so adorable! I had never heard the story about the bug (clever, clever photographer). I miss you guys so much. Sarah and I need to drive up and visit you guys sometime. Tell Liam and Anastasia "hi" for me. And tell uncle John "hi" too when you see him next.


Karen--That was so fun. I love your musings--they were very funny. I forget Sarah and Katie were ever that little--it was so cute! I can't figure out what is going on in that picture of you and John dancing, though--I am holding Katie behind you and it looks a little strange:)

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