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April 20, 2010



Interesting, can't say I knew this was your experience too. I say too knowing full well that I've probably blocked some incidents, but the only time I know for a fact that I threw up while pg was with Malcolm, very early on and I had a bitch of a head cold, so it was probably more due to phlegm than baby. And now you're welcome for that vision in your head.

jen smith

Interesting - I never thought to ask you guys about this subject. (I wonder why.) Most women I know or have worked with have MAJOR issues with this - to where their teeth enamel is lost from the acid etc. I found out later what the girls at Safety 1st did to hide this from me - lets just say that I am grateful I didnt spend any time in the bushes in back of our warehouse! And my sister-in-law used to have to leave the table several times during dinner. Ugh!

I also had no idea that you guys were even slightly puke-averse.(wonder why that topic never came up?) And perhaps if I had known about this family trait of *not* getting the prego-pukes, I would have been more interested in experiencing the miracle of childbearing. Said only slightly tongue-in-cheek - I really think the puke phobia was a major consideration in the whole not having kids decision. (That and the fact that the man whose babies I want is likely sterile.)

Ohh and supreme laziness - I have no idea how you guys do it but I sure am lucky you did - I have the worlds greatest nieces and nephews!


Jen, you weren't supposed to read, you silly woman!

Yeah, we just don't get m/s. I had two close calls - once when 7 wks pg with Liam and in New Orleans and sharing a van cab back to our hotel with a woman who ended up puking in her purse behind me. That was so disgusting, but even not pregnant it might have made me have to swallow down some bile. The other was an actual stomach flu when I was about 15 wks pg with Liam and lasted for less than 24 hrs but I was certain death was imminent. I'm just not made for the pukes, really.

Otherwise, I wonder if there's a term for the pregnancy condition whereby I would open the fridge, ravenously hungry, and find nothing in there to eat. That happened to me all the time.

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