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January 21, 2009



I spend half my time at the store saying, "Look where you're going!" "Move to the side of the aisle, please!" "Either in front of the cart, or behind. NOT beside. We've got to be skinny here!" "Darling, you are right in that woman's way. Move over here."

My kids are totally oblivious, too.


And BTW, I haven't been to your actual blog in ages (I use Google Reader). I like the colors very much. :)


And one more final thought (I should really gather my thoughts before I hit "post".) I saw this blog post on Facebook. How cool is that?


Isn't it amazing that, for such small people, they manage to get in the way so much?

Thanks for the comment about the colors. They suit me. I even did a profile photo in my cool xmas-present green fleece last night even though I did not look my best but I thought it went so well with the background... :)

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